Protecting Assets of At-Risk Clients.


Guide Change protects people and their assets by giving attorneys and fiduciaries clear, easy to understand insights into spending. We combine technology and decades of experience to mitigate the risks of fraud, waste and undue influence.


Do you need a more efficient and better method to help at-risk clients protect their money?
Do you prepare compliance reports or account for spending in a fiduciary relationship?

Getting access to the financial data you need when you need it can be a challenge, and we make that easy.

Lawyers and fiduciaries need a secure method to share and protect financial information for clients, and you also need insights into how the money is spent to remain compliant with rules and regulations.

If you want to protect more clients while improving your bottom line through added efficiency, then Guide Change can help.

Guide Change was selected for Mass Challenge Texas 2019 and was an alternate in AARP’s Innovation@50+. We have received awards from Women in Tech for Good, Tech for Justice, Courthack, and more.

Guide Change helps you protect at-risk clients.

With over 40 years of experience assisting older adults and at-risk people, Guide Change experts use the latest data analysis methods to let you know whether spending is in the best interest of the person. Founders Michael Curran and Leah Cohen have combined experience and expertise in legal technology and social work to build a platform for protecting millions of at-risk people and their assets from fraud, undue influence, and waste.

Guide Change will help you better oversee financial matters and meet compliance standards for:

  • Guardianships of the Estate and Conservatorships
  • Financial Power of Attorneys
  • Representative Payees for Social Security
  • Financial Caregivers and Families
  • Veterans Benefits Representative Payees
  • Other Fiduciary Relationships


Easy to Use

  1. Request a demo at
  2. Select Financial Accounts for Analysis
  3. Receive data insights and recommendations to protect at-risk clients.

Free Trial Available

Guide Change is currently offering a free 1 month access to the platform with access to financial data and a trial version of our report when you sign-up at and request a free trial.